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Schools & Concentrations

Schools & Concentrations

Climate Change, Energy Security and Global Warming, are key topics that reshaping the global economy and the world. As these phrases and others have entered the lexicology of the general public, institutions of all types are nearly certain to react. Subsequent reactions could be defined as opportunity, should change be translated into a search for solutions to meet institutional and societal concerns, mandates, and individual desires.

Barber-Scotia College is swift to respond, by developing the technical workforce, while ensuring a diverse population is on the front lines, shaping the Energy and IT sectors. We are building a model of Institutional Advancement and Excellence and we are dedicated to the effective training of future professional leaders to serve our changing world.

The Energy Institute at Barber-Scotia College offers students the exploration of the multiple areas of alternative energy and environmental responsibility, through academic study and interdisciplinary research. Collaboration opportunities with local and state governmental agencies, private and public agencies provide students firsthand experience in the rapid growing energy industry markets. Expected outcomes of research collaborations will lead to improved human and environmental health through sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural and industrial practices.

The transfer of academic knowledge and practical application will reduce environmental pollution, improve air and water quality and promote clean renewable energy that will benefit the nation and the world.

Specific Objectives for Barber-Scotia Renewable Energy Program:

  1. To provide sustainable technology-based solutions for the management of renewable energies by cities and counties.
  2. To provide trained labor force to increase productivity and efficiency of renewable energy tasks; leading to a direct and ancillary benefit for the public/private partners and the communities that they serve.
  3. To provide trained workers and managers for the multiple renewable energy fields within a global economy.

Benefits to the Global Economy:
  1. Reduce land and capital requirements for local utility providers
  2. Provide consistent and sustained academic growth and development for the Renewable Energy industry
  3. *Provide trained personnel for operations and maintenance
  4. *Create highly skilled workers for jobs in the 21st Century
  5. *Provide support for the local economy and its stimulus
The Business Entrepreneurship / Bachelor of Arts programs at Barber-Scotia-College, are designed to equip graduates with a practical, hands-on training and understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, in today's environment, while fulfilling the needs of its students, the nation and the global community. There is added emphasis on creating jobs and 'paying it forward' for future generations.

The program provides both academic specialization in Renewable Energy and foundational skills in the technology associated with the varied entities of business, industry and government. The College's collaborative partnerships, enable graduates to unite their educational and business philosophies with their career aspirations.

Businesses of all sizes realize that conserving energy translates into financial savings. Large and small businesses benefit from the renewable and alternative energy sources being developed in the twenty-first century; therefore, the College has identified the following goals:

  1. To provide a wide variety of diverse expertise and ability to apply the tools and skills that will solve business and organizational concerns; especially those related to Renewable Energy.
  2. To develop an understanding of the functions of local, national and international businesses within which they operate.
  3. To provide a useful balance between academic study, professionalism, and the work experience.
  4. To foster the development of leadership qualities and to encourage an attitude that values continuing education.
  5. To prepare well-informed citizens with understanding of the challenges of the future as related to globalization and the alternatives facing the world.
Bible Competency Examination - All Bachelor of Arts in Religion students are required to have a good understanding of the content of the Bible as measured by the passing of the Old and New Testament competency exams or through taking the Old and New Testament survey courses. The courses are regular curriculum courses and receive three (3) credit hours unless otherwise noted.

The goals of the Bachelor of Arts in Religion are for the student to:
  1. Provide students a biblically-grounded educational program and principles of Scripture to enable them to address the issues of contemporary culture.
  2. Provide a sound foundation of theological and biblical inquiry for the student's development as a leader in the Christian ministry.
  3. Provide students with the sound skills and understanding in a specialized area of ministry to enable them to better serve others.
  4. Assist in the growth and development of the Christian community.
  5. Develop in students a deeper understanding of Christ's lordship in all areas of life.
  6. Cultivate within students a foundation of learning for critical reflection and application to an enriched Christian witnes.s
  7. Instill a refreshed view of Christian ministry as it relates to the proclamation of the Gospel among all peoples of the world.