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Office of Alumni Affairs

Barber-Scotia College Office of Alumni Affairs

Director of Alumni Affairs, Mr. Elouise Cummings- Class of '73'

The Barber-Scotia College Alumni, through its Director of Alumni Affairs, Mrs. Elouise Cummings, fosters a spirit of association among its members, while advancing the mission of the College. The Board of Trustees, President and entire BSC staff, support the ongoing efforts of various College and Alumni sponsored programs that contribute to creating a strong connection to Barber-Scotia College and its members.

Historically, Alumni have a wonderful history of service to the College, rich with tradition and volunteerism. The College is looking to increase the number of Alumni Chapters, to ensure the status of the College and the annual calendar of events are always transparent ard accessible to Alumni and Friends.

A variety of events are held including phon-a-thons, sports nights, awards dinners, career nights, and cultural affairs. Literally hundreds of alumni volunteers are needed to devote their time and talents, to make all of BSC events more successful.

The College's Office of Alumni Affairs welcomes new volunteers and new ideas! If you do not already donate your time for alumni activities, we hope you will consider becoming an alumni/volunteer. We think you will find it very rewarding. Please contact us at ecummnings@b-sc.edu for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Have you moved? Please drop us a line at ecummings@b-sc.edu and let us know! Be sure to include your name and class year.

Interested in starting a BSC Alumni Chapter in your area? Reach out to our Director of Alumni Affairs for more information.